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Dara Firoozi: Ataraxis: Therapeutic Wearables

Ataraxis: Therapeutic Wearables

Dara Firoozi

Ataraxis is a series of therapeutic wearables that takes the form of jewelry and functions as a Mental Health aid. The title of the series is an embodiment of the intentions behind the wearables, Ataraxis is defined as the absence of Mental Stress and Anxiety.

This series is in response to the Artists experience with their own Mental Health journey and inspired by the various sensory coping skills she gained during her time in therapy. While the sensory world around us can often be anxiety ridden or even triggering, but it can also be the key to calming ones stressors. By taping into any one of the five senses, touch, taste, sound, sight or smell, it can help to bring someone who is overwhelmed into the here-and-now, rather than anxiety from the past or future.

These wearables are dedicated to those struggling with Mental Health and provides an on-the-go solution for them. The jewelry can be used in a discrete or open manor, depending on the users comfortability. Ataraxis aims to cause discourse and de-stigmatize the negative connotation surrounding mental health.

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