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Anna Hardig: Firefly Jacket

Firefly Jacket

Anna Hardig

Responding to the issue of safety on campus, Firefly Jacket is designed to protect a woman when she walks alone in the dark. The moment in which she feels vulnerable, she turns on the LEDs, light-emitting diodes, embedded in the abdomen and wings of the garment and is transformed into a firefly. Her luminescent glow guides the way to her destination. Her brightness is so brilliant that she becomes too radiant to be seen. She is independent. She is powerful. She becomes part of a swarm of women who also shine their lights.

This protective jacket is unlike many available self-defense products. The garment does not require any intensive training and cannot be used against the user. Flipping a switch intuitively illuminates the LEDs. The collar on the jacket shields the user from being blinded by her brightness. Instead of being concealed in a feminine and innocent container, such as pepper spray being concealed in a lipstick container, the woman stands out to be avoided. The light creates a shield impeding passersby from getting anywhere close to the woman wearing the blinding jacket.

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