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Rachel Krasnick: edi: the pet that takes care of you

edi: the pet that takes care of you

Rachel Krasnick

Being an adolescent is never easy, especially when you have to manage a chronic illness. Medication plays a key role, but the transition between parental dependency and adolescents’ autonomy in taking their medication is not clearly defined. This leads to confusion as to who is in charge of managing the medication. edi was designed with this problem in mind, and aims to make everything about taking medication a little bit better.

Not only does edi serve as a teaching and management tool, but also as a companion that makes taking medicine a positive experience. edi uses playful, customizable reminders and feedback. Additionally it communicates with users and their parents through a mobile app to provide support and track progress. With edi there’s no more need for that nagging question: “Did you take your medicine?”

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