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Larkin Meehan: The Frollicks

The Frollicks

Larkin Meehan

I have created a 32- page children’s book in which I explore the importance of kids creating experiences for themselves as a way to learn through exploration. The script is 800 words, meant for children around 8-years-old, and I made the images by scanning my ink and watercolor drawings, printing them, and embroidering into the Rives paper.

This project is important especially now that we are becoming more comfortable with the importance of emotional intelligence. Educators are working on ways to incorporate teaching children to be self-aware and self-reflective into the educational system. My main character solves problems and comes to conclusions on his own through his personal explorations.

I believe that emotional intelligence can lead to intellectual intelligence. By teaching children how to be aware, how to interact, and how to exist in the world around them, we are ultimately teaching them common sense and how to problem solve, two key components of intellectual intelligence.

Ryder, my main character, goes on adventures with three different Frollicks (fairy-like creatures). Ryder learns about problem solving, common sense, and how to fit in to a brand new environment through his adventures in the Frollicks’ world.

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