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Sanjana Pandit: Covered in Comfort

Covered in Comfort

Sanjana Pandit

Nowadays, everything is go, go go. We are always searching for the next best idea, product, or event, which makes it easy for us to slip into a mindset where we forget to put an emphasis on our own mental health. Having a sense of comfort in our day to day lives is so important to combat the fast paced world we live in.

Covered in Comfort is a 2d and 3d project that examines organic patterns and how they can be manipulated on objects associated with wellness to evoke a sense of comfort. I created a packaging line made up of items that embody wellness. From the whimsical and illustrative patterned designs to the function of each object themselves, this packaging line is quite literally covered in comfort. Covered in Comfort reveals how people who suffer from mental illnesses heal in various ways using the items themselves and through the calming sensations the patterns evoke.

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