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Jennifer Siciliano: Repent. Repeat.

Repent. Repeat.

Jennifer Siciliano

Repent. Repeat. is a video piece projected onto a plastic “quilt”. The video shows Jennifer Siciliano's devotion to transforming plastic shopping bags into something of more value, so that they do not end up in the landfill. Through her own version of recycling, she turns the plastic bags into yarn and crochets it, but the mass of bags is unaffected by the work she has done and continue to fill the space around her. The pieces crocheted in the video are then stitched together to create a plastic quilt, as a testament to the work she has done and her commitment to transforming the bags. She questions why we even use plastic bags in the first place and highlights the absurdity of relying solely on recycling to balance out our obsession with plastics.

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