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Cole Stabnick: FLA$H


Cole Stabnick

There are two different ways to look at a person: their portrayed appearance, and what makes them tick on a personal level. Too often do individuals’ intrinsic motivators get lost within the curated images presented on social media. The FLA$H pop-up shop features a collection of shirts that bridge the gap between the two methods of representation. This is the inspiration and driving force behind FLA$H - an attempt to illuminate beyond someone’s portrait. I will be creating a series of graphic portraits of friends, family and strangers alike, which will be heat pressed onto hand-dyed t-shirts. Flash photography illuminates the answers that subjects responded to a prompt of introspective questions. The answers to questions like, why do you get out of bed in the morning, and how do you want to be remembered, will be depicted with illustrations. FLA$H will inspire people to question perception, look deeper, and understand people beyond the surface.

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