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Grace Westwood: Reflections of Humanity

Reflections of Humanity

Grace Westwood

The aim of this project is to rehumanize the preborn through a series of ten mirror paintings that feature the first stages of human development. This series will hopefully encourage a form of cognitive empathy – that is a placing of my viewer into the position of the preborn – that will allow them to metaphorically reflect on this past state of their existence, while simultaneously being confronted with their own image within that of the child.

Because the abortion debate has become very polarized, with both sides seemingly full of contempt for the other, I want to remove the preborn from that arena and foster appreciation of this stage of life as one in which we all originate and which serves as a symbol of equality. I believe that a person’s worth does not hinge on whether or not they are wanted by their parents or by society, and it is my ultimate goal to use the visuals that I create to remind the spectator that we all begin life’s journey in this vulnerable state –regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, or social class. Consequently, the preborn should be treated as equal and unique beings, entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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