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Brianna Despenza: What Does It Take to Win Your Love for Me?

What Does It Take to Win Your Love for Me?

Brianna Despenza

Each portrait in this series explores the confidence I have generated for three different types of discrimination I have experienced in my own social circle: face of innocence, light-skinned traitor, and lack of “black queen-ness.” Within the Black community, there has been tension between people of different skin-tones because of the history that will never leave our minds. The face of innocence is an attribute that has allowed people to make my youthful appearance and personality seem like a negative quality. The third discrimination, the black queen, is one that I have come to take most pride in because I have accepted that having interests in music and culture outside of the black community opens one’s perspective of the world.

Objects and symbols surround and enhance the images associated with discrimination, but they are illustrated in a positive light. In “Face of Innocence,” the lamb (a symbol of gentleness) and the pearl necklace all surround my portrait symbolizing innocence. By using found frames, I reference homes and peoples’ desire to frame and hang their happiest moments, or to commemorate overcoming obstacles.

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