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Rachael Rose: It’ll Buff Out

It’ll Buff Out

Rachael Rose

Loneliness is among the most relatable of human experiences. It is something that nearly anyone can identify with, and yet is so singular because by nature it is endured alone.

It’ll Buff Out is a collection of comic vignettes, which explore the nuances of loneliness, isolation, and depression in their seemingly insurmountable, often self- perpetuating cycle. In these pages, I have striven to convey the quiet, ineffable moments in which loneliness takes hold, when depression bears down with suffocating force, when social anxiety paralyzes the ability to accept relief. Intimately rendered in ballpoint pen, It’ll Buff Out examines these quiet moments in the lives of three women, and how these factors manifest differently in each of them.

Being lonely is human, and it is real, and it is important, and it matters. Perhaps there is some solace to be found in knowing that loneliness is not something that has to be suffered alone.