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William Crosby: DENALI


William Crosby

Bill retired in 1998 as Professor of Art, State University of New York, College at Plattsburgh, NY. In 1964 he started the creative photography program at Plattsburgh State which continues today. In addition to photography, Bill also taught other studio courses including painting. Today, Bill continues to paint and photograph and is represented year around by galleries in Maine, Massachusetts, South Carolina and California. DENALI is representative of his impressionistic abstract landscapes. The Adirondacks of New York, the mountains of New England, the Maine coast, the Atlantic east coast and Alaska have been primary locations for inspirations for his paintings. Bill and his wife Pat (Patricia L. Crosby (Clark) BS Design 61), live in an 1813 stone house that they rebuilt in northern New York. They raised three children. In recent years they have built a cottage and a carriage house that features a wood shop for Pat and a studio for Bill along the mid coast of Maine. Their life is one of making and building things.

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