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Heidi Dauphin: Making a Point II

Making a Point II

Heidi Dauphin

I think of my creative process as a journey. This journey began long ago. I am a collector traveling through life picking up bits and pieces of memories, items, places, and people along the way: all affecting my work. I concentrate on the accumulation of these things and incorporate multiples and repetition in my work. I am drawn to patterns, grids, numbers, and organizational systems. I examine the ideas of micro and macro within the arrangements of my collections. I create strong overall designs to draw viewers in from a distance, but love to incorporate small details that are discovered upon closer inspection. My curiosity leads me to look for connections and similarities. I integrate. The materials that I use greatly influence the content of my work. I am drawn to many different items and enjoy exploring the unique characteristics of each. I am not necessarily obedient to an object's intended use, and often find that when the boundaries are pushed, the best creations occur. As a result I consider myself a mixed media artist, first investigating the “stuff” that art can be made from, then examining many concepts and processes that lead to the completion of my ideas.

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