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Joseph Jurson: Anhinga Wing #2

Anhinga Wing #2

Joseph Jurson

I firmly believe that we need to slow down and look around. We are all moving at “blinding speed,” making us incapable of seeing and experiencing the beauty around us. The media and language I use to communicate my message are the black and white silver gelatin photograph and the chromogenic color print, with a plain spoken vocabulary that bridges the natural and man made worlds around us. As a fine art photographer, I am happily blessed with a drive to capture beauty, both representational and abstract beauty, and find expressions of eloquence to portray in my photography. I work hard to create images that possess a powerful restorative and soothing force, and I am always working to find ways to communicate those positive feelings and inspire all who see my work. As winter approaches and temperatures hit the single digits in Ann Arbor and in my hometown of Madison, CT, I am warmed by the memories of the day that this Anhinga gladly posed for me one early morning in the sun soaked Florida Everglades. If you were born without wings...always welcome the chance to dream about flying.

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