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Elizabeth Barick Fall: Levering #2, 2017

Levering #2, 2017

Elizabeth Barick Fall

Elizabeth Barick Fall Liz has a BFA from The University of Michigan and MFA in Metalsmithing from Cranbrook Academy of Art. After launching and running Fall Metalworks, a small one of a kind art metal home and garden accessories business from 1994-2000, she has spent her time since dedicated to family life, occasional part time teaching, volunteering and various other pursuits. In 2012, she opened trustArt studios in Ann Arbor, with 9 studios and a small gallery, to develop a community space for local artists to work and exhibit. She is currently exploring a mixed media approach to combine images, objects, materials and ideas that she has been collecting and considering for many years; unifying and arranging these disparate things to create work that evokes and expresses her emotional, aesthetic perspective, approach and response to the different environments in which she spends time.

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