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Alaiyo Bradshaw: Woman in White

Woman in White

Alaiyo Bradshaw

Alaiyo’s artwork takes a passionate view of a social conscience. In her work, she reconstructs dreams, children's stories, cultural iconography, ethnography, racial and social issues. She brings her training as an illustrator and graphic designer into her work as a fine artist. She thinks of her paintings as single frame narratives--windows into the subject. Her work is linked by repeated formal concerns and through the concepts. Each personal project consists of multiple works grouped around specific themes and iconography. She uses watercolor as a medium to create depth, translucency, and opacity. She works quickly with many fine brushes to achieve precision. At Parsons, she has taught classes in Art History, Illustration, Digital Design, and Drawing. Bradshaw has also taught at a number of other institutions, including Long Island University, Montclair State University, and the Montclair Art Museum. Alaiyo is a professional illustrator and graphic designer. Her clients include: Amsterdam News, Actors Theater Workshop, The Advocate Magazine, Brian Bellinger Films, The College Board, Circe Ediciones, S.A., The Guide New Era Publication, Harcourt Brace, Heinle & Heinle, The Jewish Theatre of NY, McGraw Hill, Metropolitan Junior Baseball League, Inc., PSE&G, 20/20, The New York Times Magazine, Ward’s Communication and more.