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Lenea Burt Howe: Florida Gator with his Lint Licker

Florida Gator with his Lint Licker

Lenea Burt Howe

My work reflects the fun, the mystery and the whimsy I find in the world around me. ....aspects of life that I choose to dwell on rather than the turmoil in today's society. I spent many working years in the UM Manufacturing Research Center working along side some of the greatest minds of the century. They, as well as Gerome Kamrowski have been my inspiration. I was a co-creator and co-director of the UM Alumni Art Show. I work in paper mache and paper clay and generally bring a human aspect to each whimsical being that I create. I believe that we all have a place in the choir no matter how oddly we are perceived by others. My work is available at the Art Box Gallery in Zurich, Switzerland and also at the WildChild Art Gallery in Matlacha, Florida.