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Susan Ruth Cohen: Summer Concert (in the Piazza)

Summer Concert (in the Piazza)

Susan Ruth Cohen

In my works on paper, I explore a mosaic-like sense of place that spans across the specifics of time and location: the remembered, imagined, and visibly present all exist together, suggesting an overlapping compression of time and space within the two-dimensional plane. Using a variety of media, I interpret the familiar, everyday world in a personal manner. My piece, entitled “Summer Concert (in the Piazza),” exemplifies my artistic practice, in which the intimate act of drawing is at the core of my process: I began with a thoughtÑthe memory of a place, the sounds of a concert, and the sensations of summerÑand then transformed my thought, along with all that it encompassed, into visual imagery. Working on paper allows me to react in a direct way, much like the process of writing in a diary. I spontaneously juxtapose my images and patterns upon the visual space, to create a richly textured surface. Within this surface are found the discovery, exploration, and free associations that comprise my artistic vision.

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