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Cheryl Dawdy: Metamorphosis


Cheryl Dawdy

I love collage. I collect and save paper, cut it up, and move the bits around until an image comes together. I have no idea in mind, no preconceived notions, and consequently, no disappointment when what‘s created hasn’t lived up to expectationsÑjust pure play and discovery, with a surprise reward at the end. I start with an emotional response to a printed image, scrap of paper, or small swatch of color. Ultimately, it takes on meaning and a direction is revealed. I find collage a most forgiving medium filled with endless potential. The only challenge really, is deciding when to stop! This collage is composed of papers assembled from a variety of sources: parts of an old etching, a portion of painted Braille “text”, a flower pattern and other tissue paper, a bit of cellophane once wrapped around a bunch of flowers, and other odds and ends. The title, “Metamorphosis”, refers to the odd, insect-like shape emerging in the center, but also describes the transformative process of joining all these disparate pieces. What makes this piece so perfect for the “Future Former” exhibit is that it incorporates what was then my focus (printmaking/etching) with my current means of expression.

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