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undecidable III


I am a collage artist and an openly ecstatic salvager who has always relished in creating new art from cast-offs. In my collage “undecidable III” my primary interest is how identity pivots around the “stuff” that surrounds us. My output introduces the need for a multiple-consciousness and an awareness of character as conduct to be able to remake the rules that bind our society. The terrain of my work is the result of an examination of my urban environment, and of the interior self, and focuses on the tenuous meeting of reverie of the two elements. In displaying faceted simplifications of superstructures and framework in geometric forms, with the association of mechanization and modern life, I am celebrating urban and rural architectural resplendency and hideousness. The subversive and complex landscape, deal with the detritus of the modern world. The abundance of pictures that exist in old and discarded collections gives me the endless vocabulary of refuse to use in composing a fabricated narrative. I am a storyteller through my dissection and reassembling of paper source material.

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