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gaye gambell-peterson: Appetite  #lilith

Appetite #lilith

gaye gambell-peterson

Bio gaye mcgraw gambell-peterson frolics about at age 78, pokes at myths. She is not yet weary of sticking bits of stuff onto a canvas or piling words on a page, or better yet, inviting one to dance with the other. Being awarded, published/juried-in only encourages her. Her two art/poetry chapbooks are pale leaf floating (Cherry Pie Press) and MYnd mAp (Agog Press). An East Coast person who has lived on the West Coast, she has been happy for decades in the Midwest, mostly near St. Louis MO. Artist's Statement Lilith’s Pick Fruit plucked, fondled, eaten in the name of Knowing. What a feast such swallowing is. Full taste to be savored as if it was a great fortune to be spent. The mastication of it. Her Kumquat’s sour flesh wrapped in sweet rind, like morning-after sex. Best pick. She foregoes the Love- apple’s bruised flesh, meaty, its skin unhardened, wrapped smoothly ‘round slimy love-seedsÑ its invitation out of that primeval gardenÑiconic fenced-in Plot of Love, over-ratedÑ its ancient guilt, her disbelief in new-leafed Eden. All of Love’s bitter- sweet tonguing its own (just) desserts.

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