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Ken Giles: Untitled  -  urbus: located in the city

Untitled -  urbus: located in the city

Ken Giles

The photograph is a transitory art object that continually explores how personal interactions with our world are re-lived as moments of one’s visual subjectivity in a constantly changing world. I offer up photographic imagery that speaks to the conceptual possibilities embedded in the still photograph. To this creative end I use a varied array of photographic techniques and technologies, and create an extensive aesthetic of both conceptual and narrative photographic work. In all this visual diversity, one predominant creative question is repeatedly present: if the photograph gives us such a unique ability to revisit the chronology of our lives, then, essentially, the photograph is our optical echo of our subjectivity, that, irresistible and tirelessly, underpins our beating determination to understand our existential reality through pictures.