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Debra Golden: Mornings at Seven poster

Mornings at Seven poster

Debra Golden

This poster combines graphic design (my focus as an undergrad), watercolor (which I received an MFA in and teach), and my involvement in theater. The houses match the playwright's description in the play "Mornings at Seven" and are actual homes on Ann Arbor's historic west side. I enjoy painting scenes and places I feel a connection with. This and other local scenes often show up in demonstrations for my watercolor classes. I love painting shadows and capturing the feel of a place. I did change up the color of the houses for the poster and to improve the painting, and my final watercolor includes balloons....just for fun. I've worked (and played) with local theater groups for many years as a poster and program designer, set painter, actor, and most often scenic artist. They challenge me to work in a wide variety of media including house paint. I painted a set for this show for another group years ago. While I usually teach watercolor and acrylic it will be fun giving a workshop in painting for theatre sets this spring. See my website for more examples and read the stories behind other paintings.

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