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Richard Hackel: Panalateral View of the Charles River

Panalateral View of the Charles River

Richard Hackel

This 500-foot long public art mural was commissioned by the Cambridge Arts Council to improve the appearance at an elementary school construction site. I chose the 5-mile length of the Charles River as it winds along the southern edge of Cambridge, and by photographing along the length I created what I call a "panalateral" of the riverfront. Unlike a panorama that looks at the view around a single point, the panalateral looks at the length along an elevation. I mounted a camera to a kayak and with the camera set to make an exposure every 20 seconds, I paddled down the Charles. The piece was installed in June 2017, and will be up for the 2-year duration of the construction project. It is located along the entire length of fence on the block of Cambridge Street, between Willow and Berkshire Streets, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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