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Samuel E. Harper: Miss Marilyn

Miss Marilyn

Samuel E. Harper

I enjoy creating special posters for friends and families. But this latest oneÉwell, let me tell you this story. I wanted to create the environment of my senior year at North Side H.S. in Ft. Wayne. 1950. Marilyn was a very good friend. She’s lived in New Mexico for quite a while. Out of the blue I decided to call her with an invitation to Ft. Wayne. “We’ll check out the high school,” I thought. I made the callÑ And, hoped to reach her last April. Oh No, that can’t be! She passed away. It was a shock! Still stays with me. I did talk with her son and daughter. I new quickly I’d design a poster about our H.S. I gathered pictures. And stories from a few friends. As you look at my 11 x 17 exhibit, I had previously finished months a 44” x 30” poster. (I see it and have a chat every day.) My advertising experience helped with my design. Marilyn is in the center. A great kid! I placed myself in a few spots. Please read some captions. And travel the gray-dot road. Miss M. had her special High School car. A 1929 Chevy Two door. Honest! Her cool sedan is parked in the snow at curb. (Bottom center.) She always signed her notes, “Love Ya, > M a r...” A very Good-Friend, indeed.