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Mori Insinger: Provincetown, Massachusetts

Provincetown, Massachusetts

Mori Insinger

Mori Insinger is a Boston-based fine art photographer, whose work focuses on the exploration of society through landscape, portrait, and documentary images. Mori’s interest in art began at a young age, including courses at the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Cleveland Museum of Art, and he went on to study fine art and social sciences at the University of Michigan. After college Mori lived in Japan and taught English, while continuing to photograph. Upon returning to the US, he worked in social research before entering a Ph.D. program in sociology at the University of Pennsylvania. At Penn, his studies focused on arts programming in inner-city schools. Upon finishing graduate school, Mori moved to Boston and resumed his work as a fine art photographer, starting his own freelance photography business which unites his interests as a social researcher and artist. Recent independent projects include a series of social landscapes and diptychs which explore the implicit boundaries and sense of place within the built environment, portraits of artists and young people within their own personal space, and documentary panoramas which examine the impact of construction sites upon urban settings over time.

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