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Project Irohiri

Anna Ferguson

Project Irohiri is a series of concept art pieces focused on worldbuilding and centered around the imagined planet Irohiri and its alien environments and lifeforms. Born out of a love of science and art, the project is based on hard astrophysics and planetary science and visualized in the form of several illustrations ranging in style from semi-realistic to painterly to graphic to schematic. Irohiri, otherwise known as Gamma Serpentis c, the second planet from the star Gamma Serpentis, is roughly 90% the mass of Earth and of similar composition, making it a prime target for colonization by the once expansive human empire. In a controversial experiment, the humans modified their own genetic code to create beings naturally adapted to Irohiri’s environment to act on their behalf and colonize the planet. Centuries after the collapse of the human empire, remnants of human occupation still appear on Irohiri’s sun-soaked landscape and both the humans’ genetically modified creatures and Irohiri’s native sentient occupants remember the advanced alien race that came to the planet as a legend passed down from generation to generation.

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