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Cycle Car

Dan Caldwell

The Cycle Car is a human-powered vehicle created for open source use. This vehicle is fabricated out of cheaper and easy to acquire material such as wood so that it can be fabricated without high tech tools. The vehicle first inhabits a makerspace environment in which the tools and materials are already available and the user is already physically inclined to create their own vehicle. Here the project would incubate innovation from likeminded people and transform the vehicle to fit their own needs.

From there, approximately 5 years later, it would be transferred online for public open source use where it could be created with at home tools. While existing in the maker space for 5 years, the base system for the project will be created with the ability to upload and alter designs in the form of an online wiki page. This would allow the formation of a “think tank” with the ability to converse with other makers for feedback and fabrication help.