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Jhoanne Castro

Kunwari, Tagalog for “make believe,” is a multimedia story questioning society’s rapidly growing relationship with media and our shallow obsessions with the people we choose to idolize: people hidden behind “masks.” The story is set in a city that blindly worships their idol, Kimera, an amalgamation of influential figures (i.e. political, religious, and celebrities) based on the chimera, an imaginary creature from mythology representing the idealistic.

Kunwari discusses the media’s ability to highlight and/or erase cultural identities, to hide painful truths behind smiles and lies, and to exploit people and resources for ulterior motives or personal gain. Kunwari implores its audience to question the authenticity of what is shown on the screens, to be skeptical of who is truly in power, and to be wary of the tragic consequences of our blind idolization.

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