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Flight AC1917

Elena Odulak

These garments, made with classic haute couture processes, take influence from the various terrestrial patterns seen out airplane windows through my travels around the world. When looking at the big picture, one sees various patterns formed by the landscapes and cityscapes of the world. But, once the plane touches down, the details within these larger patterns begin to emerge.

In Barcelona, I was taken by the amount of modern architecture that defines the grid based city, and how it interacts with the ancient history of their past seen in the gothic quarter that is still evident in their culture and their urban landscape. Travel further up the coast and interwoven in the medieval city of Girona are amazing cathedrals featuring elaborate gold designs that are grand and magnificent in their religious significance yet at the same time complex and intricately detailed. While spending time in Milan and Florence, I was drawn to the relationship of the striking colors in the sky reflected on the grand cathedrals. Taking a step inside showed a new perspective, woven with details of the country's history.

As a whole this collection has a set of larger patterns, but when looking closer, they urge you to explore the minute details within each section of each piece.