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Tatum Thornton

A call to attention. Attention to the many realms of the beauty industry where inequalities still lie within, while also celebrating the many skin tones that make up the world we live in. 'Complexion' examines the lack of integration and inclusion of darker complexions that lies within the cosmetics, fashion, and hair industries in their products, branding, and advertising. This work serves as a platform for different people of a range of skin tones to voice their experiences with this industry, and give a powerful description of how they see their skin tone. Through a series of interviews and photo shoots, I am able to share some of the experiences and opinions of young adults while dealing with the beauty industry. I have been able to showcase the stories of young individuals and find trends in experiences and opinions that support my hypothesis: there is a lack of integration and inclusion in the beauty industry. Through printed posters resembling Pantone panels, and a website, I am able to best display the message the beauty industry has given and continues to give to its consumers.