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Nathan Byrne

My poster submission is an image of a a drawing I made of an index card note that the artist Gordon Matta-Clark made ca.1974. The original index card which is now housed in the Gordon Matta-Clark Archive at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, measures 7.5" x 10.5" and was executed in black felt tip pen.

By using this image as my source material I am imagining the instructions "MAKING THE RIGHT CUT SOMEWHERE BETWEEN THE SUPPORTS AND COLLAPSE" as a way of spatially visualizing the taking down of political, cultural, and institutional structures rooted in bias and inequality.

My intention is for the original drawing and design of the poster is part homage to Matta-Clark's fervent activism during his brief life and to re-assert this directive into the tumultuous fray of injustice, inequity, and global pandemic-through the medium of a protest poster.