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Starbucks: Spread Love Campaign

Shalin Berman

During LGBTQ+ pride month every company wants to cash in on the festivities. Every product you can think of has a rainbow printed on it in the name of pride, but do those companies actually support the movement? For my pride themed Starbucks campaign, I wanted to create a more subversive design by not relying on the rainbow motif too heavily, to show a more genuine commitment to the community. My color palette is mostly skin tones reflecting the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. These tones kind of mimic the colors of coffee--fitting for Starbucks. Only when you look up close do you notice the colors of the different communities' flags surrounding the Starbucks logo, or the different hand symbols in the checkerboard pattern of the cup. On the corporate side of things, this design shows that there doesn't need to be an over-saturation of rainbow imagery to get the pride message across. On the consumer side of things, those who are vigilant will pick up on the details and will decide whether or not they want to conduct business, while those who are not paying attention will not notice the inconspicuous design, and unknowingly support a good cause.

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