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The Light

Sharon Kwan

I was inspired to make this animatic after watching A Silent Voice by Kyoto Animation and it was originally made to go with the song “Lit” by Kensuke Ushio(from the movie’s soundtrack). However, I could not use that audio due to copyright issues. I instead used the classical piece “Songs Without Words Andante con moto No.1 in E Major Op.19b”, which is under public domain. Another major inspiration for this animatic is my own experience with mental illness and it is meant to be a tribute to everyone who has struggled with mental health. I hope this animatic is able to impact people and spread the message that even though it is difficult, we can all fight to reach a brighter place. The ending is meant to show that some mental illness won’t go away, but we don’t have to live with this overwhelming demon that rules our lives, it can be tamed and managed.


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