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radio static - text on yellow background

radio static

Tyler Brown

What began as an experiment in animation principles, radio static aims to reflect on the sudden separation between people during quarantine measures and the importance a simple text to a loved one holds. The production of radio static began during a study abroad trip in London and then finished back at home. This sudden shift between the real physical space is captured by the sudden shift between experimented animation at the beginning and the narrative of checking in at the end. Through spiral and jittery effects, the world presented in the second half is a blend between a comforting yellow and a subtle uneasiness. There is safety inside, but it is uncertain and sickening when the world outside is so unpredictable, and the spiraling effects aim to capture this feeling. A new language, animated along with subtitles, comments on the reliance of technology and how its continued use in order to stay connected with one another has become foreign and strange. Technology we easily used prior to quarantine manifests in a different, alien way when that is all we can use to communicate with.


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