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What A Woman Gives

Alexandra Collins

“What A woman gives” is a 22x22” acrylic painting on canvas based on my interpretation of the societal pressures imposed onto women. In this work, I am discussing the idea of being the homemaker, being the backbone of hallmark and religious holidays, not being stupid, but also not being too intelligent, the connotation that women should not be intimidating, and also the notion that we as women need to blend into the background whilst simultaneously being interesting and mysterious. It is incredibly difficult having to be so many conflicting things all at once. Growing up as a young women in such a tumultuous time period where my rights could be stripped away from me makes me feel compelled to take time to reflect on the resilience women of all generations have encompassed. In this piece, you can see that the figure depicted is exhausted, almost as if theyre on the brink of collapsing. However, she remains strong and composed. That is what femme resilience is all about.

Artist Statement Video: