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Peter Dinklage

Alyssa Wilcome

Thus far in my creative practice my work mostly consists of detailed portraits that portray emotion and character in one or more ways. I tend to lean towards creating more projects lacking color due to the dramatic feeling it adds overall; there is more gravitation of the eyes to the darkest darks and brightest of whites in the image, providing a great deal of balance and safisation. The piece, "Peter Dinklage" I submitted for this exhibit is a black and white realistic charcoal drawing that emphasizes the roughness of the actor. Portraying the subject's true self is something I rank very highly on my list when creating, so the small highlights and drastic shadows contribute to the details that make the piece complete. The use of strictly black, white, and gray tones makes my portrait work both simple and complex all at once because it is less busy in appearance, yet it is packed full of small details.

Artist Statement Video: