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Whirlpool of Doom - glass containers arranged over a phone interface

Whirlpool of Doom

Claire Yang

Thinking about the whirlpool effect and the black hole, it reminded me about the idea of suction and being stuck in the unknown. I wanted to connect the ideas of being sucked into a whirlpool and being unable to escape its grasp. Currently, many people are attached to their electronics. Whenever I hang out with my friends, we always end up sucked into our phones, scrolling through Facebook and Instagram and opening up Snapchats. This piece interprets the addictive nature of social media and other applications. People are ignoring the useful applications already on devices like messages, mail, notes, and maps. Instead, they are downloading more and more popular applications. Rather than using the electronics for its true purpose, they have become a way to waste time and avoid conversations. The water bottle bottoms on top of the swirling applications represent the attention sucking affect certain applications have. The hot glue and wires connect the applications, representing the widespread addiction of certain applications. The obsession of electronics and its effects on society have been widespread in developed nations and can lead to the downfall of verbal communication.

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