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Morris The Music Conductor

Jordyn Axelrod

Using a range of media, I created Morris, a passionate 70-year-old music conductor. Morris' head is sculpted from polymer clay, his body and armature are composed of wire, tape, paper towel, and art paste, and his hands and face are finished with acrylic paint. For Morris' clothing, I reverse printed sheet music and adjusted sewing patterns to create the tuxedo. Not only is he conducting music, but he is wearing it too. I chose specific materials that helped me to express the personality and look of the character I was creating. I also had technical issues to address, such as how to get Morris to stand on his own and how to sculpt his tuxedo out of the flimsy sheet music. After considerable research and trial and error, I found solutions. To shape the tuxedo, for example, I soaked the sheet music in water to make the paper more malleable. Morris is a conductor that represents leadership and harmony.

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