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Home: A Comprehensive History

Keegan Carriveau

Home: A Comprehensive History, is a piece that encapsulates memories of home. Home isn't simply a house, or a location, but a combination of people, memories, and belongings. Within the piece, I highlight a variety of locations, some of which I have lived at, others where family members have lived, and some- just a lucky spot where I was able to spend a few days with those that I love. The piece is crafted from a dress I wore when I was a child, I repurposed it for the sake of this project to highlight the sense of nostalgia that comes with thoughts of home and family. Fibers were used to show tactility, fabric close knit like a family would be. The willow tree painted on the front is symbolic not only of a 'family tree', but of a big weeping willow that sat in my Grandmother's front yard growing up, another symbol not only of home, but of love and family as well.

Artist Statement Video: