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Keegan Moore

This is the 4th self-portrait I have made over the last few years that I have been drawing and painting. I find that it is not only a great way to improve your artistic skill, but also a fantastic way to analyze and learn more about yourself. I painted this self-portrait on top of a piece of sheet music composed by one of my favorite classical composers, Frédéric Chopin. This particular Chopin sonata is referred to as "Marche funèbre" or, in English, the "funeral march". In this painting, it serves as a memento mori by reminding us of our mortality. The duality of colors represents some of the challenges I face being a colorblind artist. Painting in reds and violets is really difficult for me because they are much harder to see. Reds tend to become browns and violets become blues, so I wanted to use them in this to challenge myself. Ironically, reds and violets are also my favorite colors.

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