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2020: Clear Vision

Lauren Trail

Exploring the events of the artist’s life and those of the environment over the past five years, this timeline creates an interlaced story of people and our earth. Including specific milestones in the artists life alongside natural events, the timeline emphasizes the relationship between humans and our planet while bringing to light the environmental degradation that has recently intensified. Over the span of the timeline, the damage that occurred to our plant is scary, unnatural, and devastating to the future of our world. And yet, the artist grew up in the midst of our earth’s destruction.

The length of the work forces people to look at the events and physically walk through time, experiencing feelings, patterns of events, and the passing of time as they interact with the work. Guided by a coinciding audio narrative, the artist provides context to events occurring in nature and their life, emphasizing the juxtaposition between the artist growing up and the degradation of our planet. As the start of a new decade, this work is a reflection and call to action on how we can become educated about our past to better our planet and ourselves in order create a clear, bright future.

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