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Creature Bag

Leah Hoogterp

This was a project created in my 3D Studio class at STAMPS, in which we had to dismantle a stuffed animal and utilize as much of the discovered material as possible without cutting into the fabric to explore volume and surface. My lack of skills in sewing and the overall overwhelming feeling of where to even begin with this project was a challenge over the week long process.

Originally a stuffed animal dog, the fabric was seam ripped into a total of 29 separate parts, then sewn back together to form a two-eyed creature with outstretched arms, a curved handle on the head, and a velcro pocket for easy access to small belongings, along with a triangular shaped piece that may be folded within the pocket, or happily sticking out in the appearance of a 'tongue.'

Taken into consideration is that Creature Bag's unique appearance is appreciated over its minimal functionality.

Artist Statement Video: