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Home, Safe

Leila Mullison

This three-minute short film was cut from over 25 minutes of stop-motion footage. I filmed the clips daily in my home for 67 days straight during the Michigan Stay Home Stay Safe order, from March 23rd to May 28th.

When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, I was abroad in London. I had to leave my program four months early with four days' notice. Before March, I had been gathering a stop-motion clip at tourist destinations to make a "travel vlog." Once I got home, I got to work gathering stop-motion clips of everything I could do at home to make a "quarantine vlog" instead.

This video follows Filament (Fil for short), a lightblub-headed puppet who enjoys coffee, books, and games. Though he knows staying home is the responsible thing to do, filling the time gets more challenging as time goes on...

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