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Lena Stein

The tools we use to communicate with, mainly letters, words, and images, are not universally understood. There are people who struggle to translate what most people in the world take for granted. It is important to be sensitive to these challenges and disabilities. But, I think it is important to address these issues in an engaging way to help reduce the stigma. By naming the piece sexdaily, I'm drawing attention to the issue in a playful way. What I have learned dealing with my dyslexia is that I am not only smart, but because I see life differently I bring an entirely new perspective to tackling problems. In this video, I attempt to demonstrate a few different ways people with dyslexia typically see words and work to piece them back together. Even in this planned out video, I didn't notice that the first sentence was left out of order. Instead of being embarrassed I will choose to embrace my flaws as beauty. I now see it takes a different kind of "smart" to see the world differently and not be afraid to publicize it.

Artist Statement Video:


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