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Portrait of a Necklace

Mikaylyn Beebee

This piece is based on the fable of the crow and the serpent. The tale begins with a serpent eating a crow’s family; the crow takes vengeance by stealing the princess’ necklace and dropping it into the serpent's lair. The royal guards then search for the necklace, find it in the lair, and gut the serpent. It’s a short story that tells that a little wit can win anything.

I was drawn to this story because I saw it as a chance to tell a narrative through portraiture, and I love the way all of these characters are connected by the necklace - it killed the serpent, adorned the princess, and allowed the crow to move on. I chose to focus and illustrate all of their relationships to the necklace by having the dead serpent around the princess’ neck, and the crow flying away, shielding her eyes with its clever venture.

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