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A series of laser cut images of sound waves

Funk Wave Bounce

Miles Macklin

Audio is very interesting because of its ubiquity and the humans constant interaction with it every day. However, representing it in a way that opposes its natural state by placing it into a physical environment challenges the connection our sense of sight, touch and hearing have with one another. When I originally looked at waveforms I was curious as to how it was decided that we visualize audio in the forms we do today. Since audio is only detected by our ears I wanted to explore pulling it out of its natural realm by putting it into a physical one, where we can feel what we hear and visualize audio in a different way in which tactility becomes the main sensory driver. When creating this nine piece project I was brought to the idea of seeing and perceiving, where no two things are alike. In many ways that is true and I wanted to create different pieces that represented that idea. Using the original audio waveforms from dropped quarters hitting the floor at the same distance repetitively, I manipulated the audio signatures into different explorational ways of representing their sound. Emphasizing the major frequency changes in their audio patterns.

Artist Statement Video:

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