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Prayer - a self-portrait

Mitchell Rits

Before being a student at STAMPS I was mainly a 3D artist. So, when it came to my drawing classes I felt that my skills were behind those of my peers. I often found myself working twice as hard in order to keep up with the difficulty and workload in my drawing classes. However, with the extra effort I put in, I saw great improvement in my work, and with the additional help of my STAMPS professors, I became proud of what I had accomplished in such a short amount of time. I chose this pose because of its difficulty, to show how much I had improved as an artist from when I first started at STAMPS, and for the complexity of its meaning. This pose was first started by Tim Tebow, a famous football player, who after scoring a game-winning touchdown, instead of celebrating, kneeled and prayed for future success in the game. This piece is my way of celebrating my personal growth as an artist and praying for the success of this country and for the health and safety of the people who live in it.

Artist Statement Video: