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Journey of Self Reflection

Natalie Bultman

My goal was to create a representation of beauty from hardship; resilience and growth are the fruits of time invested in self reflection. Reflection sent me on a journey of a deeper understanding of myself. I created this piece from five sections on the pottery wheel and then experimented with various styles of chattering for the outside texture. This vessel pushed my ability to be fully in the present moment. I worked on this piece during a difficult season in my life and was able to ask myself and ask God: Where do I find my joy? What is my identity in? Where do I find my worth, my value? Letting go of the world's standards during the process of this piece allowed me to live in God’s grace amidst chaos and create without bounds. I felt limited by the world’s standards and I created this piece to push back and search beyond my skill set and capabilities. The journey we are on is difficult, tiring, challenging, life-giving, and exciting! Taking time to be still, process, and be present through creating leads us to peace, simplicity, and deeper understanding.

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