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MOE: My Own End

Olivia Graham

While I’ve strongly identified as an industrial designer for years now, I’ve recently opened up to the playful realm of speculative design. In this sphere, I’m able to use my practice in product design to form platforms for a potential future. My familiar design process now twists with an element of whimsy to force a necessary reflection. Now more than ever, helping an audience visualize the implications for their current actions is crucial for starting controversial conversations aimed at creating a more peaceful future.

MOE: My Own End speculates on the future of assisted suicide in the United States. MOE is a mobile app design meant to serve similarly to a dating app that allows users to match with other users with common interested to see if they’d be the right fit to join you during your final exit. MOE is built for today’s world and only takes into account the 8 current states where this procedure is legal. Yet, MOE is designed on the potential that assisted suicide rates increase as the quality of life in the U.S. depletes, however, it takes it from a positive approach based on allowing each individual their own right to end their life.

Artist Statement Video: