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Body Extension

Olivia Ortiz

My Body Extension is an analysis of my relationship to social spaces and how I exist within them. When I’m around people I’m comfortable with, I’m large, bold, and sometimes even flamboyant. I feel safe enough to expand and take up space. This feeling is represented when my Body Extension is fully open and fans out behind me.

Although, this is not a constant state, and as an introvert, I need time to myself to recuperate. My Body Extension reflects this when the fan is over my head and you can only see my body. This is to show that I’m mostly focused on myself and I’m deciding to be more alone.

Distancing myself from others can sometimes go a bit too far though: I can get anxiety. Which takes up space, and I, as a result, shrink. If I shrink too much I can become isolated. This is represented when I'm crouched down into a protective, concealing bubble.

None of these states are indefinite and shifting between them is inevitable. However, during these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, social isolation seems to be more of a regular place, not just for me, but for everyone.

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